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June 30th, 2011:

Alaska RT Entry 4: Minneapolis

I just found and booked my hotel all on my phone with an App. How crazy is that?!



Alaska RT Entry 3: Icy Hot

So it looks like we have our first mechanical malfunction of the trip. When we arrived in Chicago the heat started to get to us so we turned on the AC, which lasted for about five minutes. Upon lifting up the hood this is what we found:

After parking the car the ice melted off and the AC will come back on, but it will only last for five minutes, then it freezes again.

Today it reached 95 degrees around Madison, Wisconsin (humidity brought it to 110) and it’s been unbearable while driving. At 8pm we pulled over in the Twin Cities and are gonna take it easy tonight. I wanted to be in Fargo by tonight, but it looks like that’s not gonna happen. I have a 8am appt to bring my car in. Hopefully they can fix this ASAP.


Alaska RT Entry 2: Deep Dish in the Windy City

My first real deep dish pizza, from Gino’s East in Chicago.


Alaska RT Entry 1: Oh What a Night!

It’s 4:22am and Copilot has taken over the wheel. We had a bumpy ride on I-84 and a little traffic on I-81 but we’re now on I-80 and very close to the Ohio border. There’s some intense fog over here slowing us down a bit but it’s not too bad.

I noticed the GPS locator is showing my latest location but not my path. That may be something I can fix when I get WIFI in Fargo ND.