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The Liberal Traveler is a blog about making the most out of life, being adventurous, and adding passion into everything you do.

This site is dedicated to traveling and being open to new experiences that broaden our minds, intelligence, and intellect. While every post on this website may not concern a trip I’m embarking on, it will pertain to the journey called Life that I’m traveling on. As the Chinese proverb goes, “The journey is the reward.”

Most Popular Albums


A diverse collection of my favorite photos from several different cross country trips.

alaskaroadtrip179Road Trip to Alaska

Pictures during a road trip from New York to Alaska and back using separate routes each way.

crosscountry408Cross Country Road Trip #4

Photos from a road trip from Los Angeles to New York taking a northern route.

san-jacinto-mountain-02San Jacinto Mountain

Pictures taken while hiking up San Jacinto Mountain located east of Los Angeles.


Photos from sunset on the beach in Malibu, California.