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June 16th, 2011:

Wild Thang

One of the many things that enticed me in the Milepost was this place called “Wild Things Harvest”. It is a locally run shop that sells wild arctic char, local fireweed honey, morels, and wild-harvested berry preserves. The owners Eric and Ying Allen run it from their home in Little Fox Lake (all the way up near Whitehorse, Canada) from April to October.

The thought of talking to authentic local people, learning about their processes, and tasting the fruits of their labor sounds so interesting to me. I couldn’t find much information on them, so I decided to give them a call. I believe I spoke with Yin herself and had a five minute conversation about the shop, surrounding area, and even a UFO sighting which is the small “claim to fame” the town has.

I disagree, I think her shop is.


I finally finished compiling and sorting through all the notes I jotted down from The Milepost, a several hundred page tourist’s guide to Alaska and Canada. My next move is to merge this with my already-done research from the web to make one final itinerary.

I have way more than enough options ahead, and I’ll have to narrow them down as I go and talk to locals. Plus I’ll leave room for variation and have a side log of things near but off path. Here is the compilation from the Milepost (with a few Anchorage notes from a friend):

*Should any random readers stumble upon this and have advice, it is very much welcome.


Mile Zero
In Edmonton, ask about the Mackenzie Hwy (for waterfalls)
Teslin – Heritage stuff, before Whitehorse

Mineral Display at Whitehorse Visitors Center
Waterfront Trolley at Rotary Park
Permafrost Research Project – Milepost DC 11646
Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Yukon red amber ale
Mom’s Bakery in Whitehorse?

Takhini Hot Springs above Whitehorse Page 281
Wild Things Harvest – Little Fox Lane, Yukon

Visitors Center, Certificate Page 228
Borman’s Farm, Berries
Milepost V225.4 Bison

Chena Hot Springs
Aurora Ice Museum

North Pole
Arctic Trading Post

Creamer’s field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge

Flightseeing from Talkeetna Page 402
Mary’s McKinley View Lodge
Whitewater Rafting –
Whitewater Rafting – Nenana Raft Adventures
Denali Raft Adventures
Denali Air Inc
Era Helicopters Tours

Snow City Cafe – breakfast
Glacier Brewhouse – Dinner
Humpy’s – Dinner
Snow Geese Inn
Portage Glacier
Prince William Sound Cruises
6 Minute 1-way tunnel to Whittier
Alaska Wildlife Center
Tram at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood
The ULU Factory in Anchorage
Portage Glacier Cruise Page 367
Earthquake Park + watch tide come in
Thunderbird Falls = 2 mile roundtrip hike
Hatcher Pass – pick berries / flattop mtn trail berries P373
Flattop Mtn- popular hiking trail

Musk Ox Farm near Palmer
Balto Statue in Palmer
ATV Tours, Alaska back country adventure – P340
Knic Glacier Tours – Palmer

Matanuske Glacier = visible by car after Anchorage

Kluane Natl Park
Chilkat State Park

Totem Park
Cape Fox Hill – cable car
Misty Fjords

Breweing co.
Capital Bldg
Mendenhall Glacier
Tracey’s Arm
Era Helicopters Tours

The drive from Meziadian Lake to Stewart is called ‘The Glacier Highway’ for good reason. Along the road (paved but very deserted) you see about 20 active glaciers and dozens of waterfalls created by melting snow and ice.

Stuart Cassiar southbound

If stopping in Stuart/Hyder (yes, do) take the dirt road north of town at least as far as the pass for views of better glaciers than the above-mentioned Bear.

Flightseeing Page 258
Brochure – call  1 800 667 1994

Ksan Historic Village Page 252

Bannf Gondola
Icefields Highway

Calgary stampede july 8-17
Canadian badlands

Dog Sled Tours – P40
Glacier trekking and climbing Page 331 – 2 links, number