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Replace Sugary Drinks with a Fruit Infusion Pitcher

A few months back I bought this great 1 liter Water Pitcher and Drink Infuser from Grosche International. I found it on Amazon for $22, but since January 19th it’s gone up to $29.95.

It’s all glass with a stainless steel lid. The lid has a removable silicon bottom which mounts it to the glass bottle. As you tip the bottle (as if to pour) a filter in the lid slides allowing water (and only water) to come out. Right now my favorite new drink is pineapple water, although I haven’t experimented a lot yet. I’ll just toss in pineapple chunks, lemon wedges, strawberries, or other types of fruit. It’s an easy way to have naturally flavored water right at your fingertips. After about thirty minutes in the fridge the pitcher is ready to go. You can keep refilling it with water for days, depending on what kind of fruit it is. My pineapple chunks last about a week. Lemon wedges, about 3-4 days.

Since I’ve gotten this I have been drinking a lot more water. It has really helped me eliminate all of the nasty (yet admittedly tasty) sugary drinks I used to consume.

Home-made Juice


Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy.

Just something to think about.

Google Streetview – Penguin Style

I absolutely love stumbling upon Google’s hidden little treasures.Yesterday I was scoping out pictures of Antarctica on Google Maps (ya know, my typical Wednesday afternoon routine) when I noticed Google Streetview was available. For those of you know don’t know, when you click and drag the “little yellow man” around a map any blue highlighted route is available to see in “Streetview” mode. Along this path on Half Moon Island in Antarctica was a blue highlighted route, so I dragged the yellow man on it and he turned into a penguin! Next thing I know I’m walking along Antarctica in full 360 degree bliss (click to enlarge):

I love these guys…

It Can Handle the Yukon…

but apparently not the Catskills:

The Hurricane is Coming!

For a storm that’s bringing us so much water, this looks a little ironic, don’t cha think?

Sold out of water.



In Light of My Predicament

Yo, I Got This

This little critter jumped from the ground to my chair to my bird feeder in .5 seconds. Then the feeder spun around 25 times and once it stopped, he started chomping away.