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Catskills Hike : Panther Mountain

Last weekend I went with Kay and a few friends to hike up to Giant Ledge and the summit of Panther.  Panther Mountain, located in the Catskill Mountains of New York, stretches to approximately 3,720 feet high. There are two paths to the top of the mountain, one from the northern side and one from the south. We took the latter route.


After reaching the top of Panther we continued about a half mile past the summit, turned back around, and camped overnight between Panther’s summit and Giant Ledge. It was a beautiful hike being that it was fall in the Catskills. While it was the peak time for the color change at the bottom of the mountain, it was clearly past peak at the top. The good news is that it gave us better views from the scenic overlooks. Early in the morning on our second day, and on our way down the mountain, it even snowed a bit.


Several features of the mountain have led geologists to believe that the mountain formed over an ancient meteorite crater. You can even see the circular shape of where the meteorite hit based on looking at the terrain from above. Check out the circular formation of the mountain in the picture below from Google Maps.

Panther Terrain

You can check out an album of pictures here.


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