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Moving Forward

I’m a huge fan of testing new technology. When a new piece of software looks interesting I normally download the beta version and test it out. Well, last week I downloaded an iPhone app called “Highlight” to play around with, which led me to start thinking about where my life is headed. (I know, bare with me…)

Highlight has what many people will consider “creepy” aspects to it. With the app running (in the background draining your battery!) it will “find” anyone nearby with the app running as well and show you who is close by and what you have in common. For example, I ran the app during part of my commute home from work and it showed me several people who were in Grand Central at the exact moment I was there. I saw our similar interests and if we had any friends in common. (Out of the dozen or so people, I had a mutual friend in common with one.)

I was just interested in the technology behind it, and what it was capable of. It’s probably too creepy for enough people to actually start using (and a battery hog), but I think parts or aspects of it could eventually be used for other hardware or software. Anyway, I’ll probably delete the app this week.

What it got me thinking about though was where I am going in life… Here me out.

I noticed several people in Grand Central at the same time as me worked for Facebook! I thought that was kind of random considering their headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, so I looked it up and it turns out they opened an office in NYC. That eventually led me to look at their job openings, as I was curious what kind of office they were running here. Their Engineering is mostly done in Cali, and it turns out their NYC office mostly deals with Advertising.

After looking at the benefits and perks offered by the company it got me thinking… where am I going? I’ve been attempting to move up in my company for awhile now, busting my @$$ to improve my skills, volunteering for responsibilities outside of my position, and even asking for meetings to discuss how I can improve my skills and be more valuable to the company (which led to, “you’re doing just fine.” …Yeah, thanks.)

I’m not saying I want to leave my company, cause it is a good job, but I want to know that I’m headed somewhere: a higher position, better pay, and an expansion of my abilities and responsibilities. I am not the kind of person who can do the same thing over and over again for several years in boredom.

So with those thoughts floating around my head I did a lot of personal chores this weekend to help me feel like I was moving forward. I contacted Chase again about refinancing the house, took the car in for an inspection, went through my E-Mail Inbox, started digitizing all my old Mini-DV tapes to back them up, cleared out a “Pictures To Sort” folder on my computer, paid a few bills, renewed my parking permit, scheduled a vet appointment for T.K., and most importantly bought several new pairs of much needed jeans! (I think dating an Italian is doing a toll of my waistline ;) ) I just needed to accomplish a whole slew of tasks, and I have to say it felt very good afterwards.

I typically run into the issue when I have a day or weekend off of just want to relax and do nothing. I need to start setting deadlines for tasks on my To Do List, or specifically allocating a period of time on a weekend to finishing said task. It feels good to make progress, and this year I have a lot on my plate: refinance the home, purchase a new car, pay off credit cards, go to Hawaii, etc..

It’s going to be a fun and expensive year. My goal is to end it with a big smile and no credit card debt.

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