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Alaska RT Entry 16: Photos from The Alcan Hwy

The Alcan Highway has been great so far. I thought I’d recap and post some photos since I finally have internet service. We arrived in Whitehorse around 6:30pm today. We quickly checked into the hotel and went out for a bite to eat at Earl’s. This was the 2nd time Copilot picked out a restaurant where the girls were dressed…. well… let’s just say they didn’t have a lot of clothes covering themselves up, and if they did they were pretty form-fitting. I just thought it was funny that Copilot was picking these places out, not knowing what to expect of course.

Anyway, as for our trip so far…

We started off in Dawson Creek at Mile 0 on the Alaskan Highway:

We drove for awhile past farmland and green pastures until we finally started hitting some hilly terrain. When stuff started getting really interesting Copilot freaked out:

We hit some very steep roads so she pulled over and I took the wheel. Here’s a shot of us pulling over and then a shot looking out at the view:

At first it was just a section here and a section there, but as we got closer towards the Provincial Parks (Northern Rockies) things got pretty intense as you can see from Copilot’s reaction:

She got used to it though. ;) We eventually made it to Fort Nelson and got cell phone service, where I booked our hotel at Liard Hot Springs.

On the way there we so so many animals. We saw several brown and black bears, stone sheep, reindeer, buffalo, bison, and even a porcupine.

On the way to Liard we stopped for dinner at a place called Toad River Lodge. Luckily it was just in time because a quick dust/rain storm came by:

And here are some shots from inside, apparently they collect hats. Lots of them:

A little after sunset, which wasn’t till past 10pm, we reached the lodge. Here are some photos leading up to sunset:

I need to hit the sack. Next entry I’ll write about Liard and the way to Whitehorse.


  1. ALCAN says:

    Hi there

    Alcan Hwy is one of the best places to go on ride


  2. Fred Russo says:

    Help, we want to drive the alcan hwy from Fairbanks Alaska to Seattle washington. However, we just can not seem to find what the route would be looking at the maps please help us!

  3. Hi Fred,


    You would take Route 2 to Tok and continue East. That takes you to Route 1 in Canada to Whitehorse. Follow that to Route 37 in BC. This is where you would leave the Alcan for Seattle.

    If you go to Google Maps and ask for directions listing those towns above it will provide you with the information. The only difference is you are not staying on the Alcan the whole way. If you wanted to do that you would have to add DAWSON CREEK in there after Whitehorse. Here is a map of the most direct route, without Dawson Creek in there.

    If you want to drive the whole Alcan stretch, you would NOT get off on Route 37. You would stay on Route 1 which turns into Route 97 for the remainder of the way. For this route, try this map.

    Please let me know if you need anymore help and how your trip turns out. You are going to have a blast!


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