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June 24th, 2011:

In Light of My Predicament

Is God Trying to Tell Me Something?

Now that the Takeoff Day is approaching I’m able to check the weather for the first few days of driving, and it is not looking good.  The days I’m be in each town are highlighted in red:

And although I can’t tell what Alaska will be like yet, it’ll be raining all next week:

This is seriously bad news. Not only will this slow me down significantly, but it’ll ruin the gorgeous scenery and outdoor opportunities (white water rafting, hiking, photography) that I’ve been dying to see and do for years. Ugh…

Someone do a rain dance for me, please.

The only thing that could make this worse would be an earthquake. Oh wait…


Last night I saw this cute commercial by HTC called “You are the next…”. At the end of the commercial there was this little girl playing the piano and singing a song that sounded cool. I googled the lyrics and found the actual video the girl had made here.

As it turns out she became a Youtube sensation from an earlier video she made playing a cover song of Lady Gaga. For awhile she had been singing covers of pop songs, and she eventually learned the piano and started combining that in her videos. When she made the cover to “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton saw it and e-mailed it to the singer. Lady Gaga loved it so much so tweeted a link to it on her Twitter Page saying it was so cute she cried. Within a couple of days the video received 23 million hits. (It’s now up to 36 million.)

The girl was asked by her local radio station (HIT 103 in Winnipeg, Canada) to come in for an interview. They actually got Lady Gaga on the phone and the two got the speak.The DJ suggested they do a duet during Lady Gaga’s upcoming concert and she agreed.

It’s amazing how one small act in someone’s bedroom can turn them into a worldwide sensation. Good for her. And to be honest, I like the cover better anyway!