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May 14th, 2011:

An Unwelcome Guest

Last week when I went to Brinton Sanctuary I brought home this unwelcome guest. Unfortunately I did not notice him until eleven pm, when I sat in bed and my shorts rode up my leg and there he was: this bloodsucking tick goin’ to town on my thigh.

Fortunately I got him before we was engorged. After prying him off me, I researched what to do in the aftermath of a tick bite. Although I didn’t realize you could save the tick and have him tested in many counties, I did call my doctor the next day who told me to keep checking the area for up to six weeks for a rash.

Online I received some more hopeful news. Although I can’t tell what kind of a tick it is, I read that ticks with lyme normally need to feast for 24 hours or more and become fully engorged before they can inject you with the disease. So that was good news. (FYI I already have Lyme’s Disease.)

It’s been one week and still no rash, but I do still have a tiny mark the size of a dot of ink on my thigh from the hole he drilled into me.

Oh well. This does make me nervous for next weekend though…